Climate Change

Of *course* climate change is real. The climate has been oscillating for millions, probably even billions, of years. But that's not the real problem. The real problem is that charlatans, bullies and other greedy loudmouths have conned far too many decent people into believing that regular folks through their lifestyles are fully and completely responsible for the change and must pay the bullies and thugs for it.

To think that mankind's daily living can affect the climate in a statistically measurable way is the nadir of hubris and arrogance. To claim, bellow and roar that we in the United States--where the environment is far, far cleaner than it was even 50 years ago, never mind 100 years ago--can clean up the entire planet and change the climate by taxing and regulating us into poverty is simply laughable. And it's even more ludicrous because those thugs also insist that severely taxing and regulating us will somehow magically reduce *other* countries' emissions.

Human-caused climate change is just another scheme to make con men wealthy.

We shouldn't 'foul our nest'; we should be good stewards. But kicking and shoving mankind back to the bronze age is not good stewardship. Do you really want the manure of a billion horses fouling our roads? After all, horses will be the primary mode of transportation again. Do you really want total economic collapse? It will happen when businesses close because they can no longer operate because their energy consumption causes too much so-called global warming emissions. Do you want to live under totalitarian dictatorships with no liberties, no freedoms? We're closer than most of y'all will admit.

I expect this post will be deleted forthwith. Because I dare to say that the emperor has no clothes.

The Internet and Safety

I was just looking some info about the so-called 'SaferWeb' product. In short, it provides an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the remote system. They claim it is impervious to malware and miscreants. Alas, it won't be long before internet thugs learn to mimic it and 'replace' it. I can only assume that its promoters hope to make millions in profits before it becomes ineffective.

End-to-end encryption and tunnels are not the answer, first because their shills purport them to be 'one true' solution and second because they prevent owners of private networks from exercising their rights to prevent malware from spreading and to prevent the misuse of private computing facilities and the theft of private property (information, data and ideas).

The correct solution is to deploy independent multi-layer and multi-stage protections. These include:

In short, examine and verify data everywhere you can, and block off data routes (ports, etc.) that you do not normally need to use.

"End-To-End Encryption", "The Cloud" and "App As Service" each has a nice ring to it. But they ring hollow.

As some will demand a disclaimer, I am the Smoothwall Express Firewall open-source project leader (2014-).

Cheated out of a fair and honest election again

More nails in our republic's coffin. The US Constitution prohibits anyone who is not a natural born citizen from attaining the office of the President. As I've stated before, Emmerich de Vattel, in his treatise "The Law of Nations" defined 'natural born citizen' as one who is born on the country's soil of citizen parents. Because the Constitution references the Law of Nations (... The Congress shall have the Power ... To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations; ...), those who wrote the Constitution clearly read de Vattel's book and used his meaning of 'natural born citizen' to prohibit those who might have foreign allegiances from wielding the power of the executive office.

Ted Cruz was born in Canada and his father was a Cuban citizen. Marco Rubio was born in Miami, but his parents were Cuban citizens. Neither are natural born citizens. Both are prohibited by the highest law of our land from attaining the office of President. Yet here they are, campaigning for an office they cannot lawfully hold.

So once more we are being cheated out of a fair and honest election.

Roanoke County, Virg., reverted to paper ballots

Seems the county reverted to paper ballots: fill in boxes with a black pen, carry the paper in a folder to the scanner, feed it into the scanner upside down, wait for the light to turn green, return the folder and pen to the attendant. They have a paper trail again.

I still think an electronic voting machine system can be made that

All three tallies (voting machines, verified machines, and central verified) must match. If all three match, it's a good election.

If they don't, the machines are deemed to be compromised, and the stubs are manually tallied. The manual tally will be used for the results.

If the machines are deemed compromised, the software and hardware in the voting and verifier systems is audited and verified by independent software and hardware experts.

It's not Staples' 'Easy' button, nor should it be. Like any other redundant system, voting systems must have at least three independent tallies that must agree. If they don't agree, then the paper ballots (stubs) must be counted by hand.

Seborrheic keratoses and a cure that works for me

I am a software engineer with no medical training. I write this to share what I discovered.

A few years ago, I found these lesions popping up on my skin and scalp; they were identified as seborrheic keratoses. Conventional wisdom says they can't be cured.

One time when I was trying various things to treat poison ivy/oak/sumac near an existing S-K, I happened to notice that that S-K responded to one ointment or another. I came to realize they behave a little like a wound and a little like a fungus. So I decided to try some combinations.

In the end, I discovered that a combination of three off-the-shelf ointments reverses S-Ks and makes them go away. Specifically, I mixed, in equal parts by volume:

Only the combination of all three is effective. I rubbed the ointment into the S-K and left a little extra on top--but much less than when I would treat athlete's foot. I applied the ointment daily. Generally within a week or so, newer S-Ks were gone (especially the ones on my scalp); older S-K's take longer to succumb.

To be clear, this works for me. I haven't grown a third eye or second navel, or noticed any other side effects. Your mileage may vary. Consult a physician if you aren't adventurous.

Common Sense Windows PC 'Best' Practices

There's a thread at, developed since 2011, that introduces Windows PC system security concepts as related to end users. Parts of it can be somewhat dense, but it is generally well written. And honest. Though it may take several readings, most PC users will gain a better understanding of the pitfalls of the internet, the types of activities to avoid, and generally how to recover from infestations of malware.

I think most non-expert Windows PC users should install a non-expert-friendly version of GNU-Linux on their PCs. Especially those who only browse the web (Chromium and Firefox are available), store personal photos and videos (there are several good viewers and indexers available), work with docs and spreadsheets (LibreOffice is very usable), and re-touch photos (gimp is quite good). The GNU-Linux user interface differs from Windows; but it isn't a completely alien, radical departure (like Win8 was). The difference is generally similar to the difference between WinXP and Win7.

Our Future

All you who believe that any political party is better than another are either fools or traitors. Those of you who choose the lesser of two evils on ballots still choose evil.

The political pendulum has swung left and up about as far as it can go; it can only move into authoritarianism.

Communists, fascists, anarchists and atheists are the enemies of our republics, driving the pendulum to their left (which is currently upward). Democrats are their left wing, helping them as best they can. Republicans are their right wing, pretending to hold back but really helping the main force push the pendulum left (and now up).

Once we allow them to push the pendulum up into authoritarianism, there will be a period of total chaos-anarchy--with a lot of killing, death and misery. Eventually, someone with might will take over, kill a lot more, and reset the pendulum to the far right where there will be utter stagnation with a lot more death and misery. And the pendulum will again begin its swing toward chaos on the left, then toward authoritariansm on the top. Some day, the pendulum will reach the center bottom and there may arise a group of patriots who will write another new constitution and we may enjoy another brief period of enlightened prosperity.

This has always come to pass. It will again. In our lifetimes. Because the vast majority of people in this land care only about getting and keeping 'theirs': their riches, their opinions, their power, their control, their property. Virtually no one cares about the law that made our prosperity possible or the ancient Roman ideal of 'the rule of codified law' that made the law hold sway over the bullies and thugs who strive to destroy that ideal. Virtually all enslave themselves to those who shower them with empty promises of wealth and property. Time and time again.

Natural Born Citizen

After years of search, I finally found an online reference to "The Law of Nations".

Emmerich de Vattel (1714-1767), "The Law of Nations or the Principles of Natural Law, applied to the Conduct and to the Affairs of Nations and of Sovereigns", 1758. (Original French title, "Le Droit du gens, ou Principes de la Loi Naturelle, appliqués à la Conduite et aux Affaires des Nations et des Souverains"). It was a book that many of the founders of our republic would have read and been familiar with. An online translation is found at; go to chapter 19.

Specifically, section 212 defines natural born citizen: "The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens."

If you prefer to read the original French (in case the translator erred), download volume 1 (22MB) and go to original page 197 (PDF page 248), section 212. For completeness, here is a link to volume 2 (15MB).)

The Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the Lord our God,
and to the kingdom which He does promise,
one people serving Him, indivisible,
forever loved with forgiveness and grace.

The Problem With America

The status quo is the way things are today.

Liberals/progressives do not like the status quo; they want to change it. They are the left wing of the communists, fascists, anarchists and atheists who have infested our land and our governments. They fight to move the socio-political pendulum to the left, toward their unstated goal of utter chaos.

Conservatives want to maintain the status quo; they do not like change. Thus conservatives are the right wing. They fight to keep the pendulum from moving. Alas, for them, it's a losing battle because conservatives are weaker than their opposites; the pendulum always moves to the left, toward chaos.

But no one ever acknowledges that as the pendulum swings to the left, it also swing upwards toward authoritarianism at the top of the socio-political spectrum.

In time, the end result will be chaotic authoritarianism. Near the end of some period of abject misery for the common man, someone will come along, murder the Chaotics, and reset the pendulum to the far right near the limit of absolute stagnation, but still up at authoritarianism at the top. Thus the march toward chaos will start anew.

We need sworn patriots who will grasp that pendulum and swing it back toward the true center and make it tick-tock in that vicinity, thus allow reasonable change in areas as needed yet maintain traditional (stagnant, unchanging) principles otherwise. The astute reader will note that when the pendulum is at the center of its range of motion, it is also near the bottom of the socio-political spectrum where freedom and liberty are found. Alas, if such patriots are to be found, they are few and far between.

And that is the problem.

Farewell, Republic!

Once upon a time, there was a land of oportunity, where the poor could become rich through hard work and the rich could become poor through sloth. It was the land of the free and the home of the brave, the brightest beacon of liberty and hope ever seen. Then one stormy day, the Cousins Grim arrived. Evil and immorality covered the land as a cloak; dark times befell the place. The shysters lied, usurped power and took all the wealth from those who worked hardest for it. They kept most for themselves and their friends, and gave the rest to their fawning sycophants. Alas, that immensely bright beacon of liberty has been doused; that once-promising land shall forever hence be known and remembered as the land of the decree and the home of the slave.

Immigration Thought

I've something to say to those who would close our country's borders. Emma Lazarus did not write,

"Keep your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
For they aren't good enough to clean our floor.
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore
Is but worthless flotsam at our door.
Keep these, your homeless, tempest-tost from me,
for I've closed the gate and barred the golden door!"

In fact, she wrote,

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

We live in neither Utpoia nor Eden. Rather, we live in the real, imperfect world, with real, imperfect people. These united states of America and their people stand for tolerance and opportunity. If we rid this land of tolerance and opportunity, then we, the people, will be the first to lose our liberty and our freedom.

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